Nothing Impossible

WINNERS LABELS LLP, an Indo – Korean joint venture setup for production of Heat Transfer Labels/Foils and In-mould labels at Kolkata for the first time in Eastern India.

The promoters of the company have been engaged for the long time in processing of different type of Labels using latest machinery and technology having varied applications. Winners International Corp., the Korean JV Partner has many Patents in their name in production of Heat Transfer Labels, have joined hands with expert Indians in the field of manufacturing variety of labels for production of best quality Heat Transfer and Inmould Labels.

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Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer labels are labels where ink pigment and metalized layer is transferred from film to the product to be decorated. Transfer is done by heat & pressure on Heat transfer machine. The whole image is transferred in one single process.

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In-Mould Labels

Injection Mould Labelling is a process where the In-mould film is placed into the mould where pre-heated plastic is injected at high pressure when the mould opens, the container is ready and decorated with the label.

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Lubricants &
Paints Container
Lunch Box &
Labels on
Wood Case