License Plate Stamping Foil

A hot stamping foil process involves the application of heat and pressure on metallic foil surfaces or holograms onto other materials such as carton board, laminated board, plastics and other corrugated board products.

A hot stamping foil process comprises embossing, holographic application, combined structural and micro embossing and simple stamping process. This process is ideally used as license plate stamping foil. Although this process can be applied to an array of products to produce decorative designs and quality finishes, this method finds its best application when it is used as hot stamping foil for number plates.

Hot foil stamper is a layered process which combines the right amount of pressure and proper activation of adhesive sizing. This makes the foil attach easily. This technology can be implemented to make break-proof aluminium car number plates which provide high-durability cutting down on repair and servicing costs of cars. The license plate stamping foil can be customized as per the needs of our customers.

Winners Labels’ enhanced productivity and reasonable pricing make hot stamping foil for number plates the preferred choice for customers across the country.