Heat Transfer labels are labels where ink pigment and metalized layer is transferred from film to the product to be decorated. Transfer is done by heat & pressure on Heat transfer machine. The whole image is transferred in one single process. Heat Transfer process is solving the deficiency of other printing processes used in decorating articles of Glass, Stainless Steel & Plastics such as ABS, PS, PP, PE, SAN, PET etc. This process makes the manufacturing faster & cleaner. Heat Transfer labels are widely used for various products such as writing instruments like pen heat transfer labels, household goods like paint heat transfer labels & glass heat transfer labels, industrial plastic products such as Paint, Agro Chemicals & Lubricant Containers etc. like container heat transfer labels, PP container heat transfer labels, oil container heat transfer labels and ABS container heat transfer labels. The applications also extend to several other household accessories like stationery heat transfer labels, comb heat transfer labels, bangles heat transfer labels, photo frame heat transfer labels, Tiffin box heat transfer labels, pencil box heat transfer labels and more such products. Apart from the aforementioned, heat transfer labels have several other applications as well, for instance, they can be used on a variety of materials like steel heat transfer labels and paper heat transfer labels.


  • Tear resistance
  • Water proof
  • Temperature resistant
  • More yielding than wet decorating processes
  • Wide scope of decoration due to availability of variety of substrates and solutions
  • High quality and consistent product decoration at a cost effective price
  • Dry Process: No inks, chemicals etc.
  • Multiple colours application in a single pass
  • Custom colour/formulations specific for each application
  • Automated process makes it easier to change graphics
  • Reduced lead time and enhanced productivity