Injection Mould Labelling is a process where the In-mould film is placed into the mould where pre-heated plastic is injected at high pressure when the mould opens, the container is ready and decorated with the label. The labels have substrates designed for different production conditions that can be used in all plastic processing systems. The label is perfectly integrated into the container, keeping the brilliance of print for life long. This can be done either manually or in automatic mode.


  • Tear resistance
  • Water proof
  • Temperature resistant
  • More yielding than wet decorating processes
  • Wide scope of decoration due to availability of variety of substrates and solutions
  • High quality and consistent product decoration at a cost effective price
  • Dry Process: No inks, chemicals etc.
  • Multiple colours application in a single pass
  • Custom colour/formulations specific for each application
  • Automated process makes it easier to change graphics
  • Reduced lead time and enhanced productivity