3 Steps Which Can Reduce Your Label Printing Cost

Most businessmen and industrialists are keen to reduce their label printing cost which can enable them to earn higher profit margins. A quick way to achieve this is by cutting corners resulting in reducing label size, using alternative substrate or cheaper Inks. However, these are not the recommended ways to adopt for any business as with this their needs are not met. This will also impact customer mindset as well.

The better way is to look at your production practices and bring technological up-gradation in the process of production.

Listed below are three effective ways you can initiate as investment strategy to reduce the label printing cost of your products.

1. Selection of correct technology for your printing demands

Always study your printing requirement in appropriate manner. If you are using wider web width printing then it can lead to wastage while if you are using narrow web printing your machine has to work more hard which can lead to an increase in repairing cost. Always make sure that your will have the best printing company to work for your product labeling whether it is heat transfer tags, heat transfer Label, In-mould labels, etc. and can accommodate your workload with maximum output efficiency and will not have any wastage and repairing cost. Always benchmark ROI against the cost which you are going to incur in printing so that you can achieve desired profits.

2. Contemplate advantages of Digital Printing

Tradition label printing is still the most efficient and effective choice for medium to large print runs. Even though, it is time-taking as it involves preparing printing plates and setting up print cylinders for each label design. Also considering any last-minute change is a challenge in the traditional method as it’s hard to accommodate such changes. A small error in printing can lead to a lot of wastage. On the other hand, Digital printing is easier to set up and allows the incorporation of frequent changes in a dynamic business environment. Adopting digital printing can give you a technical edge with which you will be able to save money in the production line and will be able to generate a significant part of work from short print. If your product requires both longer and shorter print runs then you may opt for the hybrid solution to achieve maximum efficiency and make printing more cost-effective for your products.

3. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Have you ever thought of measures that you can adopt to reduce the energy expenditure on printing of the labels like heat transfer tags, heat transfer Label, In-mould labels, etc.? Modern methods and machines are more energy-efficient as compared to traditional methods and are capable to bring more cost efficiency in the production and printing methods. By bringing automation in the process we can bring technological advancement in the process. This will reduce energy expenditure and helps in energy conservation between two cycles.