5 Noted Advantages of Hot Stamping Foil

Hot foil stamping is nothing but an innovative process of using heat & pressure to apply metallic foil or holograms in materials like carton boards & holograms. It can also be applied in laminated boards, plastics and corrugated sheets. Hot stamping foil is applied across numerous industries but it is used widely in food & beverage industry.

It is also applicable in cosmetics along with electronic industry and business cards. It not only looks good but the anti-counterfeiting characteristics especially in pharmaceutical and smart phone industry are noteworthy. This particular innovation has lot of advantages and we will discuss some of them here. Read it on & learn more.

1. Optimal Visibility-

Hot foil printing is something that caters optimal results. The level of visibility is very transparent. As per research and data gatherings consumer psychology has shown that if the overall packaging has aesthetics and appealing views it is likely that the consumers will pay maximum attention. They will get lured towards the product & will have the tenacity to purchase it with immediate effect.

2. Perceived Value-

With the passing of every solitary day food and beverage industry are already using hot stamping foil. It has become synonymous with optimal quality. In the consumer market perception is quite essential than that of action and this is indeed a humongous advantage.

3. Choice Of Colour-

One has the option of choosing multiple colours. Be it metallic gold or silver or it can be metallic red and essentially sort of colour that you are choosing. The colour scheme your company brand is interested in, hot foil and suit and can complement the overall style.

4. It is completely customized-

Numerous clients opine that hot foils cannot be customized. To be honest this not really true as each die is customized and made according to the design. This is something unique that befits the design structure.

5. It is Sustainable-

Sustainability is one the bigger priorities for brand owners & in itself a it is a means of differentiation. Quite a few assume that packaging with hot stamping foil is not all recyclable and thereby it is not sustainable. This is not really true as a recent study done by FSEA concluded that hot foils will never give rise to problems that might render decorated paper products that are not at all suitable for recycling.

In conclusion it can be said there are quite a few advantages of hot stamping foil. They are quite versatile as we have discussed the colour choices are maximum. If you are in need of more information you can stay connected as we will come up with more information in the days to come.