A Simple Guide While Picking a Perfect Label for Your Hand Sanitizer

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic rocked the entire planet. People started caring about cleansing themselves more than ever. The virus at least taught a couple of generations to wash their hands regularly to become germ-free. But, it is not always possible to wash your hands, mostly when you are outdoors. That’s where hand sanitizers came into the picture.

Sanitizer is an aqueous solution which contains a high percentage of alcohol which has been created in order to fight away germs, which are never really visible. This substance can be used to cleanse your hands without water. During this pandemic, there was an increasing amount of requirement of sanitizers which made many people make their own sanitizers. This presented a brilliant business opportunity for several people.

If you are someone, who has recently started a company, which specializes in manufacturing a sanitizer, you have arrived at the right place. In this piece, we will discuss a key element of the branding of the hand sanitizers, i.e. labels.

There are two aspects of any label, which you need to get right. One being the design and look of the label and the other is the material of the label. Many heat transfer label manufacturers are now there in India, who are doing exceptional work to provide the correct labels to businesses for their products.

The look and design of the label

When it comes to an ideal hand sanitizer label, there are three main elements which are present on it:

  • Main Display board:

The front of your package container should have a main display board. Ideally, it should take up 40 or 50 percent of the total front area. This space to print the identity of your company along with the product’s name. It should speak to the consumer. Logo is key to achieve an attractive design. It should also have the quantity (in mL) mentioned.

  • Section for drug facts:

On every FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved goods, you will find a section which will give you a fair idea about all the ingredients used in the making of the product. In case of sanitizers, a FDA-approved facts section becomes all the more important. It should explain what the active ingredients in the product are and also give a fair warning about the improper use and manual for using.

  • Manufacturer’s details:

The makers of all products have to specify their address and contact details on the label. This is an essential part of the label and you must keep in mind about adding this.

Quality of the label and its material

At last, it is also important for you to finalize a really good material for your label. You can use Heat Transfer Label or In-Mould Labels for your hand sanitizer. You need to use a high-quality label to make your design look premium and classy. No matter how good the design is, if your label is made from a cheap substance without not a lot of care, then it might not look as you might have desired in the first place.

There are several good Heat Transfer Label manufacturers and In Mould Label manufacturers, who can nail the quality and take care of your worries.