Basic storage information of in-mould labels

In-mould labeling is among the most contemporary additions to the product labeling technique.

There is a unique thing about the in-mould label; while making these labels, the label manufacturers do not use any paper, plastic, or OVC sheet. This is because these in-mould labels are manufactured in such a technique that they remain fused with the product container.

However, even though it might sound that the entire process is very convenient, it is not so. Specializations are required for making a good quality in-mould label. Equal preparedness is required during the storage of these in-mould labels.

Here are some storage information. Check them out!

  • Consider the climate

The climate of the place where in-mould label is supposed to be stored bears major significance.

Certain climatic factors deteriorate in-mould label during storage. This is irrespective of the chemical composition of the top coating of these labels, or the type of the film that has been used for the label, or the packaging design.

For instance, if these labels are stored in a hot and extremely humid place then they may generate static electricity.

Therefore, the humidity of the area where the storage of in-mould labels would take place bears special significance.

  • Packing in cartoons

It is highly recommended that these labels must be packed inside cardboard cartoons during their storage. These labels should be assorted in the manner of banded bundles before inserting them inside these cartoons.

Another additional recommendation here is that the bundled labels should be kept in an upside-down manner.

The cardboard boxes must be stacked in the form of a vertical manner when the bundled labels have been inserted inside them and sealed.

  • Temperature requirements

Specifications are also given by reputed in-moulds labels manufacturers regarding the temperature at which these labels have to be stored.

The expected temperature range must be somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius.

However, if this temperature range exceeds massively then the in-mould labels might melt.

Similarly, if the temperature falls down below this range then the colour pigments in these labels might get affected. Eventually, the label will get discoloured.

Here, a piece of special advice for you is that you have to be very cautious about the environmental recommendations when you have to store these labels for a longer duration without deteriorating it at all.

  • Aggressive heat is a bane

Never keep the in-mould labels in close proximity to open flames, heat or direct heat of the sun.

If you do so, the labels will catch fire and melt.