Benefits of Using In-Mould Labels

Have you ever encounter the term known as In-Mould Labels?

It is a type of labeling that just you see in several products, containers, and bottles.  This is a sort of polypropylene label. This is pre-printed on the merchandise containers during their built-in process.


Process of placing In-mould labels on products

The label is firstly placed in the mould. To ensure that the label will get printed smoothly and at the right place, the position of mould is maintained using a vacuum or electrostatic attraction. Once the plastic of which container needs to be made is melted, it is injected in-mould where it will take its final shape. Thus, the labels take the shape of the container and cannot be separated from the product in any scenario and it virtually becomes a part of the product.


In-mould labels were created in ’70s and since then it is becoming popular due to the advantages attached to this innovation as compared to traditional counterparts. Some of the very important benefits are mentioned here.


# Impressive and High-Quality Graphics

In-mould labels offer high-quality resolution and impressive graphics which gives a long-lasting impression on the customer’s mind. Along with the display of important and mandatory information related to the product, this also serves as the base of brand promotion and instantly grabs the eye of targeted customers.


With the help of in-mould labeling technique design and graphic variations can easily be achieved by changing to different labels or graphics. This gives the product owner opportunity to stretch their design capabilities and give their products a more appealing look. For the products which aim to stand out visually in the point of sale, this technique brings a huge advantage to them.


# Time and Cost Saving

With in-mould labeling process, finished products are produced in a two-step process. No secondary or additional operations are required which result in saving:


  1. Labour cost
  2. Equipment cost
  3. Time


If you have not adopted this technological innovation until now for your products then you can contact in-mould labeling companies or in-mould label manufacturers who can help you to achieve better profits in your balance sheet.


# Rubbing and Scratch Resistant

If you compare normal paper or plastic label with in-mould label then you will notice that the other labels can be easily damaged partially or fully while in-mould labeling endures longer and are resistant to rubbing and scratch due to plastic layer that protects the design and makes it durable.


# Temperature change resistant

Incase of pad printing or other traditional methods if the label is exposed to different temperature and humidity levels than label design get impacted. Since in-mould labels are printed directly on products so they have no effect of humidity or temperature change.


# Reduce the burden of label inventory

Since the label is directly printed on the product using the mould so there is no need to store label inventory which helps the product manufacturing company to use the funds and space in a better way which would have been used for label inventory if opted for any traditional methods.


From an economic point of view, in-mould label is very effective as compared to traditional counterparts like pad printing or painting. The process is high-speed and quality comes very well especially in the case of complex printed images. Using in mould labeling, you will get a bright photographic image that is nearly impossible to achieve through pad printing, paint process, or silk screening. To avail the advantage of this labeling technique you can contact in-mould labeling companies or in-mould label manufacturers like Winners Labels which are well known for their innovative labeling products and services.