Details in cosmetics product label suggested by a pro in mould labelling manufacturer

When buying a product for the first time, almost all of us take a quick glance at its label.

Some look at the label for the list of ingredients present in it, some people see the price indicated in it, while some look at the label for getting details on the date of manufacturing and all.

In nutshell, it can be said that even though labels might appear very insignificant, in reality they are the major determinants of the product buying decision.

Now, if you have already started feeling interested about labels, here are few more details presented by reputed in mould labelling manufacturer of the town. These professionals have shared information on what the label manufacturers consider while making label for cosmetic products. So, read ahead.

  • Product identity

The product identity is an essential thing that every cosmetics label must contain.

Actually, through product identity the manufacturer is supposed to inform the end users about its basic nature. To be more precise, the end users must know if the product is a body wash or a soap or a body cream and so on. This is exactly what the product identity does.

  • Product name

The next thing that the label of any cosmetic product must contain is the product name.

This refers to the specific name by means of which you can search for it in the online stores or the shelves of super market.

For instance, if the product is supposed to remove tanning of your skin then the manufacturer must name it as Anti-Tan Pack’ or ‘De-tanning scrub’ and so on.

  • Brand name

Whether you like it or not, nobody is going to buy a cosmetic product if it is not from a reputed make.

This signifies that customers look for the brand name when they see a cosmetic product first time in the shelves of malls and supermarket.

Therefore, every cosmetic label must have a special section where the brand name must appear prominently with bold font and bright colours.

  • List of ingredients

There should be clear declaration about all the ingredients that the cosmetic product contains. The chemical names of these ingredients shall also be given.

In addition, the manufacturer must be totally transparent about declaring if the cosmetic product contains any alcohol, paraben, silicon, mineral oil or any such things.

Mentioning of these typical ingredients in the label is mandatory because many people do not like to use these ingredients on their skin and prefer to opt for natural substitutes instead.

Here, the ethical and legal practice is that your end-users must be aware of what they are buying so that you do not fall into any legal matter later on. Hence, this part of the label has to be really elaborate.

  • Important dates

Then comes all the dates that the manufacturer needs to provide in the label of his manufactured cosmetics brand.

This date will include the date of manufacture of the product, its average shelf life and the expiry date beyond which the product cannot be used at all.

Idea of what else it may contain

Besides these information, the cosmetics label also contains price details, batch number,declaration if it is animal tested or if it has been dermatologically tested and so on.