Different Types of Stamping Foil and Their Uses

What is stamping foil?

Stamping foil is the application of metallic print and foil on materials such as plastics, paper, and card using heat and pressure. This process has been widely used from the 19th century for creating products like business cards, book covers, wedding cards, etc. Stamping foil is a specialized printing process that involves the use of heat, pressure, and metal foil to create shinning metal like designs texts, and graphics in a wide range of colours and textures. It is also called hot stamping foil since the process involves application of heat for transferring the images from the hot stamp on the surface of products.


Types of stamping foil used in the stamping process

  • Magnetic foils – These are the most common type of stamping foil used in the stamping process.  They give a good finishing to the design and are widely available in gold and silver colours.
  • Pigmented foils – Pigmented foils imparts a matte or glossy non-metallic finish to the surfaces they are applied to. They are highly adaptable and use don paper and plastic material of all kinds.
  • Pearlescent foils – these kinds of hot stamping foils are widely used on wedding or any kind of invitation cards. They are available in both transparent and translucent finishes. They give a shiny appearance on the designs they are applied to.
  • Scratch foils – These foils are designed as such that they can be easily scratched off by using fingernails or coins. They are widely used lottery tickets and phone recharge cards. They are permanent in nature and hence are best suited for temporary cover.
  • Special design foils – These foils are of different types and are used to produce a wide variety of designs on the surfaces. They can produce special effects such as sparkles, holographs, stripes for custom printing. They are known for their rainbow colour designs and are used to prevent counterfeiting in case of banknotes, ID cards.


Uses of stamping foils

  • Hot stamping foil is widely used in the finishing of packaging of products such as food, medicine, beverages, and luxury products.
  • Foil stamping is also used on currency notes, artwork as well as for designing invitation cards, book covers, etc...
  • Foil stamping is also used in attributing designs on number plates known as number plate foil, nameplates etc.
  • They are used in business cards, brochures, invitation cards or regular stationery.
  • Hot foil stamping is widely used on lottery tickets, recharge coupons, laminated boards, and other corrugated board products.

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