Finding the right kind of Hot Stamping Foil

As you might know, labelling is an integral part of the supply chain process that initiates with manufacturing of a product and ends with selling it with the end users.

As you might also know, basically labelling is a process which authenticates your product asoriginal and makes your end users know that it is of the exact quality that they are looking for.

You might even know that the type of labels that will be used for a label based on the needs of the product manufacturer.

But do you know that there is a type of label called Hot Stamping Foil? As you might have understood by the name, you have to apply some heat over these labels in order to stamp a product container.

Now, for your additional information, there are various types of hot stamping labels.

Scroll down to identify them and understand which one might be perfect for your needs.

  • Metallic foil

    This is the most popularly used variety of hot stamping label. It comes in the form of a metallic foil that has a shiny and polished appeal at its rear side.

    The most amazing aspect of these labels is that they maintain their shiny appeal even after they have been exposed to heat.

    Secondly, these labels come in a conglomerate of colours. Therefore, you have the option of choosing the right kind of colour that amalgams with your product container.
  • Pigmented foil

    The next variety is that of the pigmented foil does not come with any metallic surface. Rather, it has a thin and lightweight raisin or polymer surface that has pigmented colours on it.

    When heat is applied on these types of hot stamping labels, the pigmented colours get transferred on to the surface of the container. Eventually, the impression is formed.

    The major feature of this type of labels is that they are absolutely flat and are chosen for their non-metallic colouring.
  • Labels with aesthetics

    While the words ‘labels with aesthetics’ is definitely not a technical term, you will definitely find it significant when we would elaborately explain about this variety in details.

    So, let us tell you that these labels are remarkable for different types of aesthetic appeal that they create.

    Some of the common variants of labels under this category includes stipes, sparkles, grains, wood patterns and stone patterns.

  • Holographic labels

    As the name suggests, holographic labels come with hologram images that change when you look at them under light. These kinds are commonly found on credit and debit cards.

    The hologram print on these label ensure that your product cannot be counterfeited. Basically, it serves as a mark of genuineness.

  • Scratching off labels

    Scratching off labels is almost similar to that of Hot Stamping Foil. But the basic feature of these labels is that they are temporary in nature and do not adhere to the surface for a longer span.

    However, the uniqueness of these labels is that when the surfaces of these labels are peeled off, the information that authenticates the genuineness of the product gets revealed.