Hot Foil Stamping & Its Industrial Viability

Hot stamp foiling is the process used to print hot foil labels or hot stamp labels among other products. It may at times be referred to as foil stamping & it is a fantabulous way of producing top-notch luxury labels. The process generally involves the use of hot stamping machines where a die is heated & the product is stamped below.

The die of heat transfer tags is then automatically pressed through metalized or painted roll leaf carrier & the dry paint or foil is impressed right into the surface of the product in this case label. As the materials involved are dry, hot foil stamping becomes a non-polluting process.

The origin of hot stamp foiling dates way back to the 1890s when it was used directly on leather& paper. Today it is used more frequently on plastic & off course to create labels. The application of hot stamping includes the following:

  • Food & beverage product
  • Health & beauty items
  • Pharmaceutical container
  • Luxury gourmet food
  • Tobacco product
  • Wine & spirit bottle
  • Security labels
  • Anniversary labels

 Everyone involved in printing right from provider to customer at some point of the other does have an eye-catching custom hot foil label. They are created to get noticed. ! The overall process is universal of heat transfer tags & they have employed with a wide range of pressure-sensitive product like that of labels along with decals & bar codes.

Hot foil stamping is a very effective procedure for labels that are in requirement of complex & elaborate designing with fine lines & small images since the die to be used will maintain clarity. The procedure lends a decorative finish & is often associated with a high-end product.

It is an effective marketing tool that set your product apart & catches customer's gaze. To get the best value for cost production, it is helpful to understand the use & process involved in creating the hot stamp labels.

Materials You Need For Hot Foil Stamping-

The case of hot foil stamping is also referred to as foil printing. The rolls of pigment or metallic foils are used in tandem in the case of heat transfer labels. It is available both in matte & glossy finish as well as a wide assortment of colours. They are typically gold along with silver & copper & holographic metallic. In addition, varied patterns can be applied or pastel foil. The foil materials used in the case of hot stamping is composed of several layers including a polyester carrier & release layer & there are various layers of lacquer.

What is the equipment used for stamping?

Hot stamp dies have evolved along the process itself. In early times hot stamping employed hand-set-lettering was accomplished through the use of custom engraved dies. Early heat transfer labels were a labour-intensive process & thereby it was first used almost exclusively for literary titles & book covers. By the late 1800s & early 1900's modern hot stamp, foils were developed & in the 1930's it was possible to apply gold for polyester film.

In a crowded marketplace, a vibrant visual can be the key to accomplishing ideas. A study has shown that to draw the attention of consumers one can keep it there longer. Foil stamping & other decorative enchantments are effective attention for packaging.