Hot Stamping foil - Add Elegance to Product Packaging

Every business looks out for things that give differentiation to their product but in reality, it is turning to be tougher to find out such differentiation. In today’s competitive market, packaging can be one of such factor which can help your product to get a distinguished identity and can be treated as a differentiator that can help your product to stand out on the shelf. Packaging effects created by hot stamping foil is unmatchable.


Why Hot Stamping Foil?

According to a study published by FESA, hot stamping foil and other high visibility enhancements on the packaging of a product are able to grab more and faster attention of the customer for a longer duration as compared to similar products with ordinary packaging. This makes brand owners take a keen interest in the packaging of products, as with good appealing packaging they can get better sales and profitability in their books.


Process of Hot Stamping Foil

In the process of stamping foil or container printing foil, hot dies create pressure to metallic foil, print, or holograms to the surface of the material which can be glossy, matt finish, holographic, etc. This technique can be successfully used on papers, carton boards, laminated boards, corrugated boards, and even on plastic surfaces.


Earlier, gold and silver are common colors used in foiling but with growing trend, popularity, and competition to achieve differentiation, numerous color foils are available to be used for product packaging. Hot stamping looks on all kinds of material be it glossy, matte finish, holographic, or any plain or textured surface material.


For packaging, stamping foil technique is extensively used across industrial sectors but particularly in food and drinking segments like liquor bottles, chocolates, various drinks, etc, its usage is very common. It is widely used in the printing industry in greeting cards, visiting or business cards, postcards, certificates, booklet covers, banknotes. Hot stamping foil is also used in electronic items and cosmetic product packaging.



Hot stamping foil is a simple way that can add grace to your product and can help your product in getting a captivating look and help your brand image to become better in eyes of the customer.


Some of the advantages are:

  1. Flexible way of enhancing packaging
  2. Environment Friendly
  3. Establish your brand as high quality
  4. Can be paired with other printing technologies



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