In-Mould Label Films: Applications & Noted Advantages: A Detail Study

In-mould-labels are nothing but printed polypropylene labels & it takes the shape of a container post that is directly injected into a mould. This process generally results in uniting the label & mould together. There are three key processes of in-mould labels and the processes are discussed below by experts of in-mould labelling companies.  Read it on & learn more.

Inject moulding IML-

As the name suggests, it is a definitive process where heated molten plastic is generally injected directly into the mould. This after cooling down takes the perfect shape of the mould or container. In simple terms, it can be expressed that the decoration of the respective product takes shape in the mould itself. The respective plastic polymers generally get fused with the mould making itself part of the container.

In-mould labelling is part of the magnanimous technology enabling design flexibility & productivity advantage over traditional post-moulding labelling. The usage of a plethora of colours along with effects and textures in a solitary operation makes it a versatile labelling option. Here in this article, we will discuss mainly the advantages of catered by in-mould labels. Read it on & learn more.

1. It Saves Both Time & Cost-

  • The technique of IML decreases one step as the printed label is directly moulded with the container.
  • This indeed will help you to save a lot of time as a manufacturer.
  • One more benefit that you can add to it is the lesser amount of raw materials that are consumed.
  • It thereby saves the cost of excessive usage of materials.
  • The outright labour and transportation costs are also saved to a financial decrease of one step as the label is attached to the container during the process of moulding.

2. Ambience Friendly & hygienic-

The packagings are generally composed of similar material, meaning they have similar characteristics. Thereby they are quite easy to recycle. The overall production process of in-mould labelling companies generally uses fewer amounts of resources and raw materials and it thereby promotes a healthy ambience. The in-mould labels can stand the test of time as well as weather.

The durability is commendable due to the ability and the moisture and extreme heat and colour remain as good as new. What it means you can use them for refrigeration. They are scratch-resistant & are cannot be cracked with ease. 

3. The machine factors are extremely excellent-

IML does have an excellent antiseptic property. It helps to decrease the static charge between the film & machine. This increases the life of the machine and making the films more compatible with the varied machine.

In-mould labelling companies have gained utmost popularity through the past couple of decades and currently, we can see numerous industries actively showing interest in this proven technology. Adopt it today & witness the differences.