Key Advantages and Uses of Hot stamping foil: A Detailed Study

Foil stamping is nothing but a metallic reflective finish that has the tenacity to transform conventionally printed package and allow them to get an aesthetic appeal. When it is used in an effective manner, not only will the product leap out at the consumers but allows them to get engaged. The engagement with the product can be done in a much unique & innovative manner. Here in this article, we will discuss a few advantages that these hot stamping foil.


1. Versatile Way of Enhancing The Overall Packaging-


  • Hot foil printing comprises of three key areas & these are heat along with pressure and correct foil for the job.
  • The foil process has moved on drastically & in a significant manner from the days of gilding on grand books.  
  • Though gold & silver are the most common colour & are used extensively for foiling for it sophisticated appeal.
  • There are wide ranges of options available currently. Off late magnificent glass foils are being used extensively.
  • They are available in gold & holographic effect for packing in a unique manner.
  • Qualitative printing and distinctive designs can engage and excite the buyers.
  • For some stylish men’s wear brand in the early 1930’s sensational packaging solution brought about a new wave which was successful to lure all and sundry.


2. Compliments Apart From Printing Techniques-


Foil stampings are often paired with de-bossing or embossing & it provides the packaging with a professional and shinny 3D look & feel. If required you can go ahead & carry out a few experimentation with numerous paper types. It can be corrugated cardboards and high gloss for creating numerous experiences for the customers.

The overall packaging collections were produced by using a few subtle grey embossed papers and are brained with raised rose gold foil logo. It remains true to the respective values of the brand. It confirms the absolute commitment to high level of quality.

There is just little visual & tactile finish which you can use to turn the overall standard of packaging into bespoke container printing foils. It leaps of the shelves in the customer’s hand.


3. Ambience Friendly Embellishment-


It is absolutely possible to create show stopping designs to set the brands apart and be safe in the hut of knowledge. Remember it won’t impact negatively on the ambience. Foiling is very quick and absolutely clean, environmental friendly and quite economical. The paper products decorated through foil stamping methods are very much ideal for recycling.

With so many techniques & materials available to use as it comes to packaging you will be spoilt for choice. Get it done today & witness the difference of positivity. All it can be said is your product will gain the aesthetic appeal and lure all after hot stamping foil are applied.