Know More About Chemical and Acid Resistant Heat Transfer Labels

If you belong to the chemical industry, then you must be worried about the packaging and labelling of your chemical products. It is true that heat transfer labels used in chemical industries are a bit different from those of the ones in the normal industries. And for such type of industries chemical or acid-proof heat transfer labels are in high demand.

Benefits of chemical and acid resistant heat transfer labels.

Chemical resistant heat transfer labels are capable of withstanding direct contact with harsh chemicals. Coated with permanent adhesive that resists solvents and chemicals, they remain permanently adherent even when exposed to harsh chemicals and during long term archival storage after processing.

Sometimes it happens when the chemical products transported in bulk or stored in bulk can cause spillage due to transportation or commuting factors. The heat transfer labels of these chemicals products are designed with good, durable and resistant materials that can withstand the direct contact of chemicals or acids on them.

Acid proof heat transfer labels are designed to resist the exposure of substances within a wide pH range including concentrated acids and harsh chemicals. These permanent acid and chemical resistant heat transfer labels are ideal for the identification of plastics, glass and metal containers used to store highly corrosive chemicals in corrosive vapour environment.

The heat transfer label manufacturers design such labels for the storage of acids, harsh chemicals like pest and weed control solution chemicals, fertilizers, and highly corrosive chemicals used for cleaning purposes.

These chemical resistant labels are used as primary or secondary labels for containers that are stored in corrosive vapour environments. These labels have a good quality adhesive that strongly sticks to the surface they are targeted on to. The label, adhesive and printout can also withstand the direct exposure to and immersion in highly concentrated acids and chemicals without the need for additional lamination.

Since these are chemical and acid-proof heat transfer labels they ought to be made from the normal heat transfer label materials. Since the label quality is of a superior and glossy one. It reduces the extra cost of designing and laminating of the heat transfer label.

 Labels for bottles containing chemicals communicate data as per the statutory warnings and guidelines issued to them. This information’s warns about the hazards to people and the environment during the transportation and utilisation of the product.

So it is very critical for the chemical and acid-proof heat transfer label to be perfectly eligible from the moment it is affixed until the residues are recycled and the container is cleaned. The most important function of a heat transfer label should not only be restricted to brand and product promotion, rather it should convey all the necessary information to the end-user regarding the positives and negatives of the product.

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