Know Why Hot Foil Stamping is The Impact Creator

There must be products you must have come across walking the aisles of store where the graphics highlighted its contents very promptly and has attracted you towards it. Have you remember the chocolates you brought for your loved one to present on Valentine’s day where the graphics showing it more than a sweet treat and giving you impression of heavenly bites of luxurious items. When you visit beauty section you see many products which are reflecting their appealing elegance via their metallic logos shining brightly against dark backgrounds. All these are examples of hot foil stamping where colored or metallic foil is applied to products for a luxurious and shimmering effect. Brands are using this technology for years to give attractive and appealing look to their products.

Hot foil stamping and Glass foil have gained popularity in recent years across wide range of industries. Although it’s a bit costly but considering its impact and effect it creates on customers mindset it has become a preferred choice for brands as they find it’s right for them. This can help you sell more products while lifting your brand’s image.

Process of Foil Stamping

  1. A custom die of desired shape is made and is attached to the machine.
  2. Foil is dispensed over the substrate, with heat and pressure applied on it against the counter plate
  3. The die cuts the stamp down cutting the foil of required size
  4. Excess foil shed away giving a clean finish to the product.
  5. Finished sheet will be forwarded to next step

Advantages of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping adds elegance to the product. With technological advancement, hot foil stamping has emerged as one of the most efficient eye catcher techniques for the product which helps in creating lustrous image of product in customer’s mind. When combined with embossing it can help in gaining elevated level to product as compared to rest.

Hot foil stamping and Glass foil stamping can be used to give effect of image popping out by adding shine or by using contrasting textures to create the impact. Intricate designs can be designed very easily with the help of technology to achieve the desired attractiveness.

Foil stamping is a bit expensive technology due to customized dies so right printing and packaging partner becomes very important. Their expertise and resources are crucial and they should be able to provide best suited solutions based on industry type and should be able to guide the decision-making process to achieve desired results.

Undoubtedly, foil stamping unlocks your creativity. It makes you get the design of your product as if like you have created it on canvas and the incorporation of the right combination of effects and textures can help you in making your product eye catching which can help you sell more products. Overall hot foil stamping acts as an impact creator and allows your product to achieve distinguished identity.