Know Why In Mould Labels are Better Than their Traditional Counterparts

Are you aware of the term mould label? If your answer is no then this article will the torchbearer for you. This sort of polypropylene label is pre-printed on these product containers during the outright manufacturing process.

Thereby the In-Mould Labels cannot get separated from the container in any condition as it becomes an integral part of the container. There are quite a few reasons why product manufacturers are choosing this in mould labels instead of the traditional variants of labels. Some of the key reasons have been mentioned in this article. Go through it and keep reading.

1. Promotion Of The Optimal Quality-

  • The vital purpose of labelling is to cater detailed information & this is the kind of labelling that one often witnesses in different product containers & bottles.
  • This kind of polypropylene label is pre-printed on the product containers during the overall manufacturing process.
  • There is yet another purpose that is served effectively by labels.
  • This function is to promote the product manufacturing company.
  • Here the role of these in mould labelling companies labels is incomparable as it offers an optimal resolution.
  • This instantly grabs the attention of the targeted customers.


2. Wear & Tears Effectively-

If you compare ordinary paper or plastic label with the in-mould label you will find a former option cannot withstand too much wear & tear. These traditional labels tend to develop some amount of crinkles when exposed extensively to wear & tear. As a result, the colours along with images present in the labels also fall apart.

3. It is humid resistant-

A remarkable quality of the in-mould label is that it is of great resistance against that of moisture & humidity. In a condition exposure to water vapour or humidity have the propensity to wash away the prints in the traditional In Mould Label manufacturers & make the overall label material quite sloppy and the in-mould label remains as it is. What it does is it creates a great labelling option for the containers of edible and perishable products and it needs to be refrigerated to keep them afresh for a long period.

4. Environmentally quite friendly-

Using in-mould labels means that you are supporting the notion finely. This is the first reason behind this & unlike plastic labels, they do not leak any carbon emission during the overall process of manufacturing. Secondly like that of paper-based labels you do need to harsh towards natural greenery & forest to produce these labels.

In conclusion, you will not have to waste any energy in manufacturing labels & containers in a separate manner. Thereby it is undeniable that there can be nothing more environmentally friendly than these specific labels.