Proven Benefits of Chemical and Acid Resistant Heat Transfer Labels

If you are belonging to the chemical industry, then there must be some worries about packaging & labelling of your chemical products. You must be aware that heat transfer labels that are extensively used in chemical industries are somewhat different. It is quite different from that of the normal industrial standards. In such kind of industries, chemical or acid-proof heat transfer labels are always high in demand.


Advantages of chemical & acid resistant heat transfer labels:

Chemical resistant heat transfer labels are ideal and very much capable of withstanding some direct contacts with chemicals that are very harsh. It is coated with a permanent adhesive that is capable of resisting solvents. They remain permanently adherent as they get exposed to harsh chemicals and during the process of long term archival storage.

  • At times it happens when the chemical products are completely transported in massive quantity and it can cause spillage due to transportation.
  • The heat transfer labels of these entire chemical products are completely designed with good, durable and resistant materials.
  • It can withstand the direct contact of chemicals or acids on them.
  • The acid proof heat transfer labels are designed to resist the exposure of substances with a wide pH range including that of concentrated acids.
  • These permanent acids and chemicals resistant heat transfer labels are ideal for the identification of plastics along with glass.
  • These are used to store high corrosive chemical in corrosive vapour ambience.
  • It is to be noted that the heat transfer label manufacturers are capable of designing labels for acid storage and harsh chemicals like that of pest and weed control.


These are made from basic heat transfer label materials-

All these chemical along with acid-proof heat transfer labels ought to be made from basic heat transfer label materials. As the label quality is of better quality and it is quite glossy it has a fine touch in it. What it does it decreases the extra cost of designing and laminating heat transfer labels.

The labels for bottles containing chemicals generally communicate all types of data as per the statutory warnings and basic guidelines issued to them. This basic information warns about all the basic hazards to the people and the ambience as a whole. It is being carried out during the process of transportation and utilization of the product.

In conclusion, it can be adjudicated that it is critical for chemical and acid proof heat transfer label to get perfect eligibility from the moment it is affixed until residues are recycled. The most specific function of heat transfer label should not remain restricted within brand and product promotion. It rather conveys all the basic necessary information for the end-users.