Steps for Developing Outstanding Custom Cosmetic Labels

Custom cosmetic labels are excellent way to conceptualize your product before customers and make it attractive. If you are concerned about developing a suitable label for your personal care product then you should consult and take the help of experts. Winners label is a leading heat transfer label manufacturer that has experience in manufacturing an abundance of personal care and beauty labels over the years. Among the range of various types of labels, heat transfer label is best to be customized for cosmetics and personal care products.

Label requirements might be product specific but it is required to be moisture resistant and durable. It should be wrinkle-free. Good quality custom labels should maintain their integrity during their usage on wide variety of packaging materials. Labels can be made from paper to different man-made substrates like vinyl, polypropylene, etc. They should be attractive and able to create visual impact to boost the shelf visibility of products and increase chances to get picked.

Below are the main steps which should be followed to create astonishing custom labels:

1. Use appealing visuals – container, brand assets, layout, color theme

Product aesthetics is important but you should select container shape, size appropriately so that it enhances the product attractiveness. Select an appropriate color theme, brand details to increase attractiveness.

2. Use lamination for protection

Many cosmetic products contain alcohol, oils, or some other kind of liquids that can leak and may bring stain on the label. Many cosmetics containers are used in showers so their labels need to be waterproof so that they can easily withstand the changing temperature and humidity levels. Heat transfer level are best in this scenario.

3. List of Ingredients

There are various laws that make it mandatory to showcase mandatory information on the label. Labeling regulation can be divided into 2: front panel and rear panel.

Front Panel:

1. Identity: Highlight the nature of the product in form of an image or words

2. Quantity: Numerical count or weight should be mentioned

Rear Panel:

1. Direction: How to use product

2.Ingredients: The things of which product is made of

3. Production Statement: to mention “Manufactured by” or “Distributed by”

4. Warning: related to product and its related health hazard

5. Business Information: Address of manufacturer, distributor, or packer

4. Showcase unique product claims

This will help to reach the target audience and give differentiation to your product from the competition.

5. Use good print technique and materials

To make your cosmetic product more eye-catching use different print techniques. For your cosmetic heat transfer label can be one of the best choices as it is having multiple advantages.

6. Find the best label expert to handle your details

Whether you want to create a new custom label or want to improve your custom cosmetic label or want to try something new and innovative Winners label can help you to find the right fit for you.