Techniques which make label design stand out and eye-catching

Product labels are used to display the value and uses of the product and play a critical role in product marketing. It is THE element which convinces the customer to buy your product instead of a competitor product placed on the same or next shelf. It is one of the tangible mediums of communication between the brand and the customer. By using hot stamping foil, heat transfer label, etc you can create an impact which can sell a shopper on your product, even before they get the chance to hold it. In this article, we will be mentioning few qualities on which you can work to make your label eye-catching so that it can grab attention.

1. The Right Material

Before initiation of the design process, it is very important to think about the label material. If you are looking to give your product an elegant look hot stamping foil is the best to be used. Textured materials can be a good choice for creating an old-world look. For many products, a heat transfer label works best.

2. Choosing color that compliment product

Identify your target customers and their age, gender, preferences, etc. This will help in shaping your designing decisions. Example – If your product is for kids than your label should be bright color which create an appealing look.

Extensive research on competitor product can also help you to gather ideas.

3. Unique Selling Point

4. Impressive Graphics

Select the graphics with eye-catching color and design which can help to draw attention. With custom label printing, choices for graphic selection and creation are endless. To get the required appealing look get a high-quality printing label.

5. Readable and eye-catching font

Different font types can evoke different emotions. Selection of the font is very important and it should be in line to your product. You can easily find thousands of fonts available online at affordable prices.

6. Layout Design

As per study, spacing between words and letters can impact the way consumer feel about a product. Good layout design works as our eyes follow a natural pattern. For impactful product label design, consider the layout properly.

7. Super shape

For various size and shape heat transfer label are considered as best and preferred choice. For products which are sensitive and contain liquids acid proof heat transfer label are considered as best as during transit the label will have no impact.

8. Fabulous Finish

Choose your label finish based on your product. A glossy finish can be achieved using hot stamping foil which adds sheen to create elegance. Matte finish is a good choice if you want a classic look.

Be sure your label speaks to your customers. Custom label printing is best choice for ultimate and memorable product that your customer won’t be able to pass by!