Use Custom Hot Foil Stamping for Glass Containers

What Is Hot Foil Stamping?

Hot foil stamping is the process of using pressure & heat to apply metallic foil to various kinds of containers for decoration and product labeling. It works on cardboard, paper, corrugated board, glass, plastic sheets, and many other types of materials. Hot foil stamping on the glass is widely used in the printing industry for their varied uses and high-quality printing. When the stamp designs are customized as per the requirement of the product or brand and are placed on the product through the hot foil stamping method that is termed as Custom hot foil stamping.

Custom hot foil stamping on glass

Generally, it becomes very difficult on glass surfaces to stick a label perfectly because generally glass surfaces are not very adaptive to the adhesiveness of all kinds of labels. So particularly for glass surfaces, hot foil stamping is preferable. Heat transfer label manufacturers prefer hot foil stamping, particularly for glass surfaces.

The biggest advantage with custom hot foil stamping is that it has a very superior quality of production and has a strong grip on glass surfaces. Irrespective of the design, shape of the container the stamps incorporated on the glass containers enhances the packaging of the product. In addition to that some glass surfaces are of very irregular shapes, hot foil stamping is best suited for such type of irregular glass surfaces.

Glass containers or bottles need an attractive label to establish them in the market so hot foil stamping imparts an attractive and vibrant visual to the products giving it a brand identity. In addition that when custom foils are considered they are a little on a higher side when the budget is taken into account. But they carry an additional benefit of increasing your product identity, as your label remains customized as per your need and requirement.

One of the crucial reasons why custom hot foil stamping is opted for glass is that this technique involves incorporation of rich colours that maintains an elegant feel. That is one of the important reasons why heat transfer label manufacturers consider custom hot foil stamping as the perfect choice when marketing is considered.