Uses of Heat Transfer Foil

Metallic foil transfer is a special technique for T-shirts and other Textile fabrics that produce a shiny metal appearing surface. It is similar to standard vinyl soft heat transfer film with shiny look. It can be used on cotton, Polyester, Poly/cotton blends. This Transfer foil cannot be layered; it is directly impressed to create shiny designs. Many new designs can be printed on such transfer foils. They are available in various colours. They give a glittery look to any product. They are made up of plastic film
and can be moulded into any shape. There are lot of usage of Heat transfer foil as:

  • Design on Apparels

These Heat Transfer foils are used for printing designs on Apparels to give a shiny look like metals. Heat Transfer foils are nowadays created with variety of designs and can be use to give new look to apparels. Traditionally Heat Transfer Foil is used to create design on apparels and also they cost-effective.

  • Use as Adhesives

Heat Transfer foils is sometimes used as adhesives to join two different things. Thus Heat transfer foils can easily be pasted on things which are torn away. It will be fulfil dual purpose of adhesive as well as look. Several manufacturers are using heat transfer foils as adhesive tool and also it is cost –effective.

  • Packing Materials

Heat Transfer foils are also used for packing materials such as food and other materials. These are considered to be best packing materials and goods packed in it is not damaged. They are considered to be good absorber of heat and thus packing materials are not damaged in it. If food products are packaged in it, it will keep the materials in good state.

  • Used as Gift material

These heat transfer foils are used to create new designs on any gift materials or containers, labels on cosmetics etc. Various cosmetics are decorative to look are designed through heat transfer foils, so as to give lucrative look. It is also as decorative material to make the things look more beautiful. They are also used in consumer electronics to give a glittery look. They are pasted on LED lights and when lighted they give beautiful metallic look.

New designs of T-shirts, Apparels are available in the market nowadays and with a glitter look. Thus these types of apparels are made available with use of heat transfer foil technology that new metallic design is created. So don’t wait and just order online heat transfer foil in order to create new look to apparels and also packing materials, cosmetics etc and increase your business. Thus various applications of heat transfer foils will enable you to increase your business. They are also environment –friendly and also don’t use much inks.