What are In Mould Labels (IML)? Know the Benefits and Advantages of In Mould Labels

In mould labels are pre-printed polypropylene labels which take the shape of the containers after being directly injected into a mould. In any product, the label serves as an integral part of the final product which is delivered as a pre-decorated item.


Features of in mould labels:

  • In mould labels have temperature resistant capacity, they are waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • They have better and efficient yielding than the wet decoration process.
  • In mould labelling process is a completely dry process as it does not involve any use of inks and chemicals in it.
  • In mould labels provide you with the option of customisation as per your needs.
  • Since the whole process is an automated process it gets easier to change the graphics.
  • In mould labelling process involves multiple colour applications in a single go.
  • In mould labels have a smooth finishing that makes the labels look more attractive.
  • In mould labels have an excellent adhesive property that sticks or holds the surfaces very well.


Advantages of in mould labels:

  1. The biggest advantage of using in mould labels is that they provide freedom from sticking of glues, wrinkles and blisters on the labels. The labels are stretched on the container in a perfect manner.
  2. In mould labelling process is one of the fastest and cost-effective methods to change or design a label.
  3. The complete process of manufacturing of the labels in the in mould labelling companies is environment friendly and easily recyclable because the containers and the labels are made up of the same material.
  4. The in mould label manufacturers make the labels from the polypropylene films that are an excellent medium for high resolution and photorealistic image production.
  5. Since the in mould labels are moisture & temperature resistant, it makes them an excellent option for packaging of frozen or refrigerated products.
  6. In mould labels give the products a unique and distinct identity to the product and make it stand out from the crowd.
  7. In mould labels have a wide range of applications in industries like food and beverages, oil and paint industry, household items, cosmetic industry etc.
  8. In mould labels are very hygienic and hence can be used for packaging of food products.


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