What label manufactures say about product labelling

Label manufacturing is a process that is considered as cardinal for every product manufacturer. Basically, labelling serves multiple purposes.

Firstly, labels serve as a means of communication through which the product manufacturer tells the customers that the product has the accurate quality that they have paid for.

Secondly, if high tech labelling is used then it also gives the customers the assurance that chances of counterfeiting during the supply chain processes will also cease to exist.

However, there are some real things about labelling that you must know.

Here they are as shared by a reputed label manufacturers India. Watch out!

  • Labelling is an art

Labelling is not something like a piece of paper that comes loaded with all the information that you would like to know about a product.

To be honest, labelling is an art. The labelling manufacturers have to go through a really elaborate process in order to make the perfect kind of label that meets the requirements of each customer.

Say for instance, they have to make researches on the colour combination and the texture of a label. They have to concentrate on the font style as well as the size of the font.
Equal attention is paid towards the content of the label along with placement of the fonts and images.

Thus, you can now understand that designing and manufacturing a label is not at all a novice job.

  • A standard label is not for all

There is nothing called a ‘standardized label.’ What we mean to indicate is that a label which you find perfect for your product might not be compatible at all with the expectations of another product manufacturer.

Say for instance, you may find an in-mould label perfect for the uncommonly shaped containers of the food products that you manufacture.

But that same type of label might not serve the purpose of the manufacturer of a fruit drink maker who packs his product in Teflon coated paper boxes.

Similarly, a heat transfer hologram label might appear perfect for giving your manufactured products the security they need. On the other hand, a high end pharmaceutical products manufacturer might not be happy with such a security label, and might be in the lookout for even more sensitive and sophisticated products like that of a label that comes with VOID pattern or has microchip embedded in it.

Hence, it is always better to make your label made in the most customised manner through label manufacturers India to ensure that it will help you in reaching the goal that have envisioned.

  • Labels must be truthful

While there are some gaps for sure between what is written and what it means in reality, total falsification of facts about a product while manufacturing a label is just not granted.

The reason for this is, you have to follow the governmental rules and regulations while developing label for a brand.

  • Gap between reality and nonreality

It cannot be denied either that there are some gaps between what is said in the label and what has been concealed.

For instance, when a food label manufacturer says through the label in the juice manufactured by him is totally natural, he skips saying that addition of some preservatives is must to make it non-perishable.

Therefore, customers who buy it thinking that it is 100% natural product are fooling themselves.