Why Heat Transfer Labels are Highly in Demand by Business Owners

Heat transfer is nothing but a methodology of taking a printed image and getting the image fixed directly on the garment. It is being done in order to get the image copied onto the garment itself. Heat transfer labels proven technology is extensively used for customising t-shirt & in recent times for the application of tag less labels. It is to be noted as the heat transfer process ensures that design is embedded in sub layers of the printed surface, the design will last long.

The unique selling characteristics for this particular technology has been no scratchy labels but there technological benefits too. As for instance, in sports garments where decrease in weight improves performance. These labels are also used in automotive products along with apparels that have direct skin contacts like that have underwear, T-shirt & swimwear.

Working Of Heat Transfer Printing-

The design image is printed on a typical transfer paper or it can be a synthetic film. This particular substrate has a very special coat that is defined as release layer. This aids the transfer of a particular image onto the respective garment. The image will be printed in reverse on a particular side with respective coating.

  • Method of printing generally includes silk screen & at times digital or at times combination of two of the system.
  • Focus has emerged as letter flex and silk screen equipments are under Tag Trans umbrella for huge production.
  • The printed image created by Heat Transfer Label manufacturers is applied on the garment through heat press at a controlled temperature.
  • It is applied under specific pressure and through an exact time.
  • The textile substrate is applied on the press and printed transfer paper or film is placed on top which is inked side.
  • The respective press is set to the recommended pressure & time.
  • The handle is lowered down in order to clamp the heat and an alarm will beep when time is up for it.

Quality along with robustness and reliability-

Heat transfer produced on focus Tag Trans equipment is of high quality. It is reliable & ensures decrease in waste production compared with those on manual produced equipment. It is to be noted our technology on cosmetics heat transfer labels can get customised for the respective individual requirement. It can be tailored to whatever textiles you need to apply tag less labels also.