Why Heat Transfer Labels are Highly Sought after by Business Owners

A heat transfer is an approach of taking a printed image & then going ahead to fix the image directly to the garment. It is done to copy the image on the garment itself. This proven technology is used extensively for customizing t-shirts and in recent times it is used widely for the application of tag-less labels.

The heat transfer label process ensures that the design is embedded in numerous sub-layers of the printed surface & this design will last for a lifetime. The unique & innovative selling characteristic ensures that there are no more scratchy labels & there are a few technical advantages too. For instance, in sports garments, every reduction in weight equals performance & improvement.

Typically these labels are used in quantum in automotive products and in apparels that do have direct skin contact like swimwear & t-shirts. Now a question that arises is, how does the heat transfer printing work?

The images are designed on Special transfer paper or synthetic films-

Here will discuss it in a nutshell. The design image is printed on special transfer paper or synthetic films. This substrate has a specialized coating commonly defined as the release layer. This generally aids the transfer of the image on the garment. The image is printed in reverse on one side with a coating.

Methods of printing as suggested by Heat Transfer Tag manufacturers generally include silkscreen, Flexo & at times digital and if not a conglomeration of two.

  • The printed image is applied to the garment through a heat process at a controlled temperature under specified heat pressure with an exact time.
  • Heat presses can be sample calm shell design or semi-automated in the production line.
  • It is to be noted that the textile substrate is laid on the press & the printed transfer paper or film is then placed on top of the inked side.
  • This comes in contact with the fabric. The press is set to the recommended pressure & time.
  • The handle is generally lowered to clamp the heat press shut & an alarm will sound when the heat time is up.
  • The transfer paper is then peeled off leaving the ink design permanently transfers in the fibres of the garment.

Quality, Reliability & Versatility-

As per quality reliability & versatility is concerned heat transfers are produced on focus TAGTRANS equipment that is highly reliable & ensures a decrease in waste production. The latest technologies adopted by Heat Transfer Label manufacturers can be customized according to individual requirement & tailored to whatever textile you need.