Why hot Stamping Foil for car number plate and other surfaces is versatile?

Have you ever heard about hot stamping foils? In case you think that you are hearing the term for the first time, let us tell you that it is nothing new. 

You come across this foil regularly in the form of hot Stamping Foil for car number plate, greetings cards as well as the labels of your daily used cosmetics.

Now you might have already started becoming curious about these hot stamping foils. Here are few more details that will amuse you. So, start reading now.

  • What is the basic process of hot stamping? 

The basic process involved in this technique is that a hot stamping press is used for creating various customized designs on the desired surfaces.  

The hot stamping press that is used in the process is incorporated with various colours for achieving the targeted labelling design. 

During the stamping process, this stamping head is heated up so that the coloured pigment gets transferred on to the part of the surface where a specific colour needs to be applied.

  • Where is this technique used?

This hot stamping technique is used for creating the hot Stamping Foil for car number plate. This labelling technique is also used for making self-printed labels on leather surfaces.

Among the other uses of this printing technique includes labels for cosmetic bottles and toiletries,   tapes and ribbons, paint containers, wires, and plastic packages to name some.

  • Is hot stamping only meant for professionals? 

While in most cases hot stamping is considered as the most professional form of stamping and labelling, it is also taken by hobbyists quite a number of times.

However, there are differences between the type of hot stamping press used by hobbyists and professionals. For instance, those available for the hobbyists are often quite portable in size and shape and less cost involving. 

These devices meant for the hobbyists are so compact in their overall dimension that they can also be installed in the house. 

Nonetheless, some skill set is always necessary for the purpose of preparing the die-cast for hot stamping labelling.

  • Why is hot stamping a preferred alternative today?

There are various benefits that make the hot stamping process widely favourite.  

The first benefit is that it gives the most precise form of customised printing that is simply unmatched. Secondly, the entire process of hot stamping is very flexible and can be done without much extensive technical training.

The third benefit is that hot stamping is a versatile process in which prints can be made on any sort of surface, be it metal, or plastic, or wood.