Why Hot Stamping Foil is Highly Sought After? A Detailed Analysis with Advantages

Printed collateral or be it direct mail and other printed marketing communication remains in the bedrock of a successful marketing campaign. But the looks are continually changing. Consumers today especially Millennial are drawn towards marketing touches that generally caters for an experience. They are in love with the novelty of the print and their ability to handle a tangible quality piece stands in the crush of the electronic message system.

But will any kind of print work in a rapid manner? The answer would be no & thereby the impact of hot stamping foil comes in. Hot stamping is ideal to create a lustrous appeal and increase richness. In this particular process, the foil is applied to the substrate under the heat and the pressure of a hot die.

The process of course is a bit costly than that of cold foil transfer but creates an extremely precise image. Here in this article, we will discuss some key areas that deal with the advantages of hot stamping. Read it on & learn more.

1. It is Very Much Convenient-

The hot stamping process is widely accepted as it is ideal for decorating for its convenience along with being versatile. As wet inks are not used there is no foul or offensive odour. Furthermore, there won't be any mixing of ink or any sort of messy clean-ups are in requirement. The installation of the latest colour or design at times involves changing a roll or dry printed material which decreases set-up time.

2. The Process Is Very Much Versatile-

  • The versatility of hot stamping foil is very important.
  • Apart from plastic material where key emphases are placed on thermoplastic, thermosets can at times be decorated.
  • Besides leather along with fabrics, paper products are pre-painted metal and are stamped with success.
  • Hot stamping foil is also a decorative approach where permanent silver & gold metallic graphics can be produced.
  • Foils are also manufactured in matte pigment or gloss.
  • It is to be noted that multi-coloured graphics are to be accomplished with pre-printed heat transfers & continuous patterned foils.

3. It Is capable Of Catering High Ended Graphics-

In the final pointer, it would be good to express that the hot stamping process is ideal to produce high ended graphics. It can be small details or it can also be the entire coverage of larger areas that do have tailored adhesion & abrasion resistance. It is in the process due to the thermal bonding between the foil and of course the substrate. The permanent decoration becomes dry with immediate effect. After it becomes dry, it is ideal to get handled for packaging.

Hot stamping foils tremendous advantages for the right project and it creates breakthrough effects for the respective & corrective audience.