Why In-mould labels are Highly in Use: A Detail Study

In-mould labels are nothing but printed polypropylene labels and it takes the shape of a container post that is directly injected in the mould. The overall process results in making the mould & labels get united together. There are three key process of moulding in mould labels and the most popular process is discussed below. Read it on & learn more.

Inject Moulding- As the name suggests, it is a proven process where heated molten plastic is injected directly into the mould. This after cooling down takes the perfect shape of the mould or the container. The plastic polymers are fused in an automatic manner with the mould. It is shaped in such a manner that it becomes part of the product container.

Let us have a look at some of the advantages that are being provided by in mould labels.

1. Time saving & cost effective-

  • IML techniques generally decrease one step as the printed label is directly moulded with the container.
  • This generally saves a lot of time as a manufacturer.
  • To add more to it this process wastes less amount of raw materials.
  • Thereby one can save overall cost using excessive material.
  • The overall cost for labour & transportation cost is totally saved due to functional decrease of a single step.
  • As the label is attached to particular container during the moulding process itself it allows to save a whole lot of time.

2. The process is environmentally friendly-

The overall packaging and the labels are composed of the same material. This means they have the same characteristics and thereby it is quite easy to recycle. The In mould labelling companies make use of the process also makes use of few amounts of resources and raw materials and thereby it is ideal to promote a healthy ambience.

3. Hygienic & Very Robust-

 In-mould labelling can stand the test of time as well as weather. It is quite durable and can withstand extremely harsh weather situation. It can be extreme heat or moisture laden ambience, the overall print and the label remains as it is. What it means is you can use them for refrigeration purpose. It is scratch resistant and non-breakable and will remain wrinkle free all throughout.

4. Mechanism is very much user friendly-

These IML films made by the In Mould Label manufacturers have very good antistatic properties; it allows decreasing static charge between the film and the machine. What it does is, it increases the overall versatility of the machine and making it more competent & compatible.

It is to be noted that in mould labelling is a miraculous technology that is tailored to enable perfect design, flexibility and advantages of productivity. It is ideal to drive in advantages over traditional processes. The usage of numerous colours along with effects and texture is a solitary operation. All these make it perfectly versatile labelling option.